ELE Media Center Birthday Books

ELE Birthday Books

Celebrate your child’s birthday by donating a book to the ELE Media Center in his/her honor!!

The gift that keeps giving!

  1. Complete the form at least two weeks before your child’s birthday.
  2. A Birthday Book costs $20.00 and covers the book, book plate, processing and photograph.
  3. Your child will receive an invitation to visit the media center to select a brand new book that will be added to the media collection in his/her honor.
  4. A book plate commemorating your child’s special day will be added to the book.
  5. Your child’s picture will be posted on the Birthday Book hall display.
  6. The book will be presented in front of your child’s classmates during the media class closest to your child’s birthday.
  7. Your child will check out the book first, then return it so it becomes a part of the ELE Media Center library collection.