Volunteering to assist teachers, staff and students at ELE is a major function of the ELE PTA! It takes a multitude of volunteers who are gifted in many areas, such as hospitality, event planning, behind-the-scenes service and more, to make our programs and events, as well as the services we provide to our teachers and students run smoothly. Maybe you enjoy meeting new people or welcoming those new to or visiting the school – sign up for New Families Mentoring or Greeter Desk! Maybe you are more of a behind-the-scenes helper – serving on the Copy Committee or in the Media Center might be the perfect fit! If you enjoy working one-on-one with students, we have a position for you, too! Sign up today in areas that interest you, and our PTA Committee Coordinators will be in touch to get you plugged in! Thank you for supporting our ELE Family!

Obviously, with COVID-19 precautions prohibiting non-essential people from being on campus right now, we won’t be able to operate “as usual” this year, and many of these typical volunteer opportunities won’t be possible and/or will be postponed or just changed completely! We’re choosing to be cautiously optimistic about the year, so please go ahead and select what interests you. That way, when/if we are able to host some of our beloved events and services, we’ll be able to hit the ground running!

Don’t forget – you MUST be a registered volunteer with CMS prior to serving at school. Please complete the required registration form here. If you have filled out this form for another CMS school, just make sure to add ELE to the list of schools where you plan to volunteer. Additionally, if you’ve filled out this form in a previous year, just make sure you log into your account each year to confirm that your information is current.

  • Volunteer Form

  • Areas of Interest

    Please indicate your interests by checking the appropriate boxes. Your help is greatly appreciated as many of our activities and events could not happen with your support!
  • (Year Round) This committee will work to help families stay connected to and informed of important issues and updates related to the health and education of their children.
  • (Year-round) Assist art teachers by preparing students' artwork for display throughout the school.
  • (Monthly) This committee will be responsible for monthly reviews of the ELE PTA bank statements and supporting documents and sign off on such reviews that expenditures were consistent with the approved budget.
  • Join other volunteers during organized "clean up" and/or "planting days" to spruce up and take care of the ELE campus!
  • Beginners' Night is held in May. Be a part of this wonderful annual event for incoming kindergartners and their parents. Assist pre-event with craft preparation, and/or the evening of with the check-in table and escorting children to classrooms.
  • (Fall and Spring) Held in the fall and spring, help with the set up, take down and sales during the book fair.
  • (Year-round) Come to school and copy/laminate for the ELE teachers. Committee coordinator will contact you for desired day(s) and times.
  • (May) Proctor a third, fourth, or fifth grade class and assist the teacher as needed during End-of-Grade (EOG) testing. Proctors are not assigned to a grade level in which they have a student.
  • Love to plan events? Help organize food, games, entertainment and prizes for various family events held throughout the year. Examples, Family Fun Night (Fall) and Hawkfest (Spring).
  • This committee is new for the 2021-2022 school year! Members will work closely with 5th grade teachers to help plan, organize and assist with activities specific to 5th grade. We ask that members of this committee be parents of 4th and 5th graders.
  • (Year-round) Assist with the finance-related tasks throughout the year. Committee Chair handles all PTA deposits. Other tasks could include handling cash boxes at events, being a second-counter for cash receipts and assisting the Treasurer on an as-needed basis. Financial background is not required, but could be helpful.
  • (Year-round) Greet visitors in the lobby and direct them to the office to sign in via the Lobby Guard system. Assist office staff and PTA with administrative jobs when needed. Committee chair will contact you for desired day(s) and time(s).
  • (Year-round) Join other ELE dads in unique opportunities for Hawk Dads to support our school such as assisting in morning carpool, in campus beautification projects, or at family events.
  • (Formerly called Student Leadership and Service) Help support our students as they lead and serve in their school community! Work with Helpful Hawks co-coordinators and ELE students in their efforts to put the 7 habits (from Steven Covey's Leader in Me) into action as they serve and lead around ELE.
  • (Year-round) Show our staff how much we appreciate them! Provide snacks for staff meetings throughout the year (great for working parents), and/or help with events at school such as teacher luncheons and staff appreciation week.
  • (Year-round, starting in October) Spend time in the classroom with students needing additional academic support. Work with students one-on-one or in small groups. Parent volunteer, staff person and teacher will identify a mutually convenient time (45 minutes per week or 45 minutes every other week). You will not be assigned to your child's class. ELE staff will provide training to Learning Buddies before they begin working with students.
  • (Year-round) Work at the circulation desk, shelve books, and complete other projects as directed by the Media Center specialists.
  • (Year-round) Be available via email or phone to answer questions for newly transferred families to ELE.
  • (Year-round) This committee is tasked with identifying individuals from the PTA to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors and Committee Coordinators.
  • (Year-round) School store hours are 7:15am - 7:45am daily. Committee chair will contact you for your desired day(s).
  • (December) Do you love to bake? We need your help with baking delicious cookies for the annual Holiday Cookie Swap for our ELE teachers and staff. It is easy and fun! Volunteers each bake 3 to 4 dozen cookies. The ELE staff looks forward to this event every year, so please help us keep up this great tradition.
  • (Year-round) Help support our CMS SchoolMates partner school, Thomasboro Academy, with your time, talents and resources. Participate in school-wide drives for various items including supplies, books, and clothing; volunteer at Thomasboro as a lunch buddy, tutor, or classroom assistant; or aid in preparation of classroom materials for Thomasboro teachers.
  • There are three ways to help with the yearbook: production, sales, and distribution. In production, volunteers will assist yearbook advisers with taking pictures at school events or proofreading draft copies of the yearbook in March. For sales, volunteers will prepare and distribute yearbook spring sales forms to students in March, and oversee sales of remaining yearbooks at school store during last week of school. For distribution, volunteers will manage the distribution of yearbooks to classrooms in early June. Please check the area(s) that interest you.