MiniNews May 28th 2021

A Message from Our Principal

Dear ELE Families,

We spent time this week recognizing our productive struggle and celebrating many successes of the 20-21 school year.  We had FUN!  One of the most surprising things that I have noticed is how strong the classroom communities have become.  Every teacher that I have talked with in the past two weeks has told me that this is the best class, group, or year they have ever had.  Everyone is tired and we are all looking forward to taking some time for rest, but NO ONE is ready to say goodbye.

The growth that we’ve made in our technology proficiency and adaptability to change are predictable gains from our experiences this year.  Building stronger relationships in our classes and throughout our school community wasn’t an outcome I expected this year.  I thought for sure that shuffling students across different classes, meeting your teacher and friends on Zoom, wearing masks and keeping distance would inevitably lead to us losing our sense of connection as a school family.  I was wrong, and I’m delighted that I was!  There is only one reason that I can believe led to this success.  We tried harder.  We all worked together to figure out the challenges, and we all let go of some of our expectations about the way school is supposed to be.

I look forward to letting go of the extra responsibility and restrictions that have burdened us this year, but I’m confident that we won’t just be returning to “normal.”  I look forward to the ELE Family growing forward stronger than ever into the 21-22 school year.

To our fifth grade Hawks and other students and families who will not be returning next year, we wish you the best and will miss seeing you at ELE and on the screen!  Please know that you will always be a part of the ELE Family and we hope that you will stop in to visit.  I have a feeling that Hawkfest 2022 is going to be epic!

Thank you for all that you do to support the ELE Family.  Have a wonderful summer!


Crystal Lail

PTA President’s Points

Happy SUMMER!!!!

Congratulations to our Fifth Graders! We will miss seeing you at ELE but wish you the best as you venture into middle school! Hopefully next school year will be filled with fun events for you to return to check on how your old school is doing!

To all other students, congratulations on persevering through what was a very unique year! You did it! You rolled with whatever came your way and you soared as only ELE Hawks do!

To the ELE Staff, what a year it has been! Your parents and volunteers have missed being by your side this school year, but hope you felt our support and love from a distance! Here’s to hoping we can do more together next year!

To Mrs. Lail and her incredible Administrative team, you made it!!! I cannot begin to imagine the stress, pressure, disappointment and frustration all of you faced with each decision that was made concerning school this year! You handled every step with grace, confidence and wisdom, showing more proactive planning and replanning than I have ever seen before! Thank you for making this unique year, although difficult, so much more bearable because of your time, dedication and sacrifice for your students and staff!

I am very grateful to the wonderful board members I was able to work with this year! Although not as visible as in most years, this team put in a lot of hours to prepare for this unique year and continued to stay committed to do the best we could as the year continued. You are an incredible group of ladies and I feel so fortunate to have worked alongside you this year! The new board members and I have a great foundation to build from because of the work you did!

Committee Coordinators and Room Parents you went over and beyond this year! As many positions weren’t able to do their usual duties, you jumped in to help in other areas! Communication with families was fabulous and although tedious, you collected funds like champs! I am very grateful to each of you for your dedication to PTA and ELE!

Finally, to all of the ELE families you have made it! Through every twist and turn, collection, drop off, pick up and so much more you supported your children, friends, neighbors and ELE! It was not always easy, convenient and often last minute, but we stuck together and finished the race! Congratulations on a job well done!

Here’s to hoping for a wonderful summer, one, where we can catch up on missed time with family and friends, actually do a little traveling and best of all come back together in August stronger, closer and ready to work together in person!

Best wishes for a well-deserved summer break ELE Family!!

Lauren Stroupe


28           Last Day of School

31           Memorial Day


1           School Supply Kits orders due!


School Supply Kits


The kits include all the items on the grade level lists, and we pass our 18% group ordering discount directly to you and there’s no sales tax!

Remember to order for the grade your student will be in NEXT FALL as the company has a no-returns policy!

All boxes will be delivered directly to the school for pick up at open house.  Please share with your neighbors that may have kindergarteners as well.  Ordering will be open until the end of the school year. Questions?  Contact Sarah Blackwell at

To order go to:

Account number for ELE: 4925

It should list “Elizabeth Lane Elementary” and have a link for each of the grades.  Select the grades you wish to purchase.  Shipping address will automatically fill for the school.

Stay Connected This Summer!

Make sure to stay connected with the ELE PTA this summer! Look for updates on our website,, and social media outlets! Help get new families connected too by sharing these updates and having them subscribe to the Mini News!

PTA Open Positions

Are you wanting to get more involved with PTA and ELE?!?

Becoming a Committee Coordinator may be the right move for you! We have a few positions that are still open that can be a good fit for any parent! Work and think you don’t have time to be at school, well we have the position for you! Have time available to help during the school day, well we have positions available for you too! Check out these roles and see where you may fit best!










CMS Eats At Home – Update

May 26th was the last meal bundle pick-up day for the 2020-2021 school year. If your family needs support with meals during the summer, you are invited to request a referral to Loaves & Fishes through one of the following ways:
– Let your school social worker or guidance counselor know that you need a referral to Loaves & Fishes
– Call Loaves & Fishes for a self-referral at 704-523-4333